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No discussion on Mortgage Brokers in Europe can begin without a considerable talk on the MCD or Mortgage Credit Directive, a European legislation designed to foster a single market for mortgages and to protect consumers (CML). In the UK for instance, 40% mortgage brokers think that implementation of the MCD will be significantly challenging though most agree that the changes are more technical involving changed approaches to disclosure and documentation. While this discussion is non-ending the important part is that as intermediaries who broke mortgage loans on behalf of businesses and individuals, the role of mortgage brokers will never go out of fashion. Which make it necessary for marketers to have access to a European Mortgage Brokers email list to make it easy to communicate and interact with the right people.

In the earlier days banks and financial institutions carried out sales for their products and instruments on their own. But with the market getting dynamic, competitive and global the role of mortgage brokers have come to the forefront, making it necessary to stay in-touch with them. Our EU Mortgage Broker mailing list as such is developed with the idea of facilitating client’s marketing strategies better sorted. By providing data for multichannel communications, our EU Mortgage Brokers email database is niche yet comprehensive, accurate and geo-targeted. So if you have a plan of action and are ready to roll out campaigns across markets in UK, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark or any other European nation, it’s time for you to acquire the email address list of European Mortgage Brokers from European Lists!

Rise to market opportunities with the European Mortgage Brokers Email Addresses

It is true that with the onset of financial crisis globally, there was a time when the mortgage market was facing difficulties and had to rework on several aspects. The period of overhaul is now over and the mortgage market is recovering. Recognizing the business opportunity present in the market, the mailing addresses of Mortgage Lenders in Europe has been developed exclusively to aid marketers reach out to brokers working in private and retail.

Mortgage brokers help organizations/individuals to find a bank or direct lender with a specific loan the individual is seeking. Since it is often challenging to find the best plan without support and lead from the experts, we offer our comprehensive list of Licensed Mortgage Brokers in Europe, built with client niche specifications in mind and delivering results that exceed their expectations. Our European Mortgage Broker directory accordingly is rich with data like – Name, Company Name, Direct Mailing Address, City, State, Email Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Specialty, Geographic Location, etc.

What makes our EU Business Email List of Mortgage Lenders the best choice

Mortgage brokers have to follow rules and regulations laid down by jurisdiction. It is therefore seldom that as a marketer you will roll out a standardized campaign. Our Mortgage Lenders directory therefore is 100% verified, validated and customized in order to cater to niche business requirements that complement campaign specific strategies.
Marketers that have collaborated with European Lists have used our EU Mortgage Brokers contact list for:

  • Selling financial services applications
  • Buying property for the first time
  • Downsizing or upgrading your properties
  • Looking for mortgage finance or consultation
  • Purchasing an investment property

At European Lists therefore we promise our clients quality and quantity when they buy the European Mortgage Brokers Masterfile. We value our clients and promise to them an enriching experience in doing business across the European market.

Reach target audiences across UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland and many other European countries.

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