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Manufacturing industry contributes about 6.7 trillion pounds in the global economy according to the data provided by The Manufacturers magazine. Until the year 2013, European union alone had a revenue of $ 2,312,723 million becoming the second largest profitable manufacturing region in the globe. It accounts up to 18% of global output in terms of manufactured goods based on the findings from The Manufacturers’ Organization. European List brings you the enlistment of various c-suite individuals working in this important sector via its specialized manufacturing companies database. It is sometimes difficult to communicate directly to these high-profile and veteran people as their contact details are not easy to track. Our experts conduct thorough research and collate the required information from a variety of reliable sources which undergoes further verification procedures. Our EU manufacturing mailing lists are updated within a regular three-month time interval reducing chances of errors and redundancies. Thus we make your efforts of direct communication possible and simplified without you spending extra hours scanning for information or profiling corporate customers. Approach today and get further details relating to our database of manufacturing companies.

Get access to a variety of EU Manufacturers Email Lists based on your campaign needs

Sometimes marketers have some pre-requisites in terms of B2B campaign plannings. They have some fixed business objectives, be it new customer acquisition or nurturing existing clientele, European Lists’ manufacturers lists shall enable you to reach your targeted audiences effectively. Our company has been one of the forerunners in the industry of B2B data solution providers. Therefore, we take pride in our experience and efficient resources who help you get relevant information aiding you to plan your brand promotions without complications. The manufacturing sector is quite vast, with increased sales, jobs and investments. In order to address the management level professionals in this sector, you need reliable resources. Our data compilers have classified these European manufacturing email lists into different types facilitating marketers to get hold of information which they require to formulate their campaigns. These are:

  • Defense manufacturers email lists
  • Automotive manufacturing companies list
  • Database of hi-tech manufacturers
  • IT manufacturing companies mailing addresses
  • And more

These EU manufacturers lists consist of verified and updated information such as company associated with, years of experience, physical and email addresses, annual income and much more. So let us help you plan your B2B campaigns systematically with our authenticated database of European manufacturers. Give us a call today and help us understand your business goals so that we can design these specialised corporate databases for you.

Reach target audiences across UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland and many other European countries.

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