Data Appending

Enhance the Value of your Database with Data Append

European Lists provides you with reliable and easy solution to add quality data to your customer records. Our Data Appending service uses our large B2B and B2C database to update quality information about your customers. This helps in personalizing your marketing initiatives and enables you to send targeted campaigns.

Dramatically Increase your Online Revenues with Data Append

European Lists can append your in-house database with deeper detail in demographic information. New information, i.e. more details about your customers can be leveraged to create meaningful interactions with them.

Our data matching process uses our large database of 40 million records to find similar records, and in return get valuable data about your customers.

Benefits for you:

  • Convert your single-channel customers to valuable multi-channel customers
  • Use data to create specific marketing strategies
  • Enhance personalization with quality data
  • Increase your online revenues dramatically

Reach target audiences across UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Ireland, Switzerland and many other European countries.

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