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The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for the day-to-day administration and operation of the business. The COO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer and is second in command. Sometimes the COO is known as Executive Vice President of Operations. Over the years, the role of the Chief Operations Officer or COO has transformed significantly. It has grown in scope and complexity across European business so much so that the European COO is the corporate officer who takes major business decisions.

The COO is responsible for strategic operations planning based on the long-term business goals and specific business outlook across the company. The major focus of the COO is to ensure that the company’s business plans are in tune with the business model. If the CEO emphasises on the declining market share and decides to focus on quality control the COO ascertains that the human resources department hires more quality control personnel. Thus the CEO formulates the plans and the COO implements them.

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The modern age COO is closely associated with the corporate issues and works strategically in the best interests of the business. Europe is going through socio-economic metamorphosis and considering the situation across Europe, it is integral to invest in a verified mailing list of COO. At European Lists we provide data on genuinely interested operations officers for the sale and promotion of services.

Considering the turbulent economic-political times across Europe it is pertinent to make some business smart investments to ensure that your campaigns thrive. The idea of purchasing email marketing lists of COOs ensures that even with other challenges prevalent in the market, communication is not affected. By providing data that is well-researched, verified and up-to-date, at European Lists, we promote the culture of data-driven marketing. Research reiterates that targeted communications generate better response and ROI – so why not engage with your audiences through it? Buy European COO email addresses today and adopt the right path of audience engagement.

The European market is extensive. With business occurring across the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Netherlands Belgium and other countries, we believe that there is prudence in planning campaigns with our Chief Operations Officer mailing database. Additionally, at European Lists, we also support marketing campaigns with services like email appending, data cleansing and list building, so as to provide you with all the right means for audience engagement and market growth.

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